This vineyard is among the most elite vineyards in the Napa Valley paired perfectly with a building site with views extending across the valley West and South all the way to the bay. Located on a gently Southwest facing slope in the Eastern foothills of Atlas Peak. 14.67 Acres of outstanding soil quality, drainage, and climate, producing healthy vines and intensely concentrated flavors. Designed and created by a well-known winegrower and vineyard developer and consisting of approximately 7 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.7 acres of Cabernet Franc, and 1.7 acres of Petite Verdot. The root stocks and varietal clones are ideal for the site. The vineyard is planted in high density of 2200 vines per acre, allowing each vine to carry an ideal number of clusters which enhances quality and supports good crop yields. A number of Napa's top wine makers have used the fruit from this estate to produce great wines. Come and imagine the vineyard estate of your dreams.