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    Boonville, California
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The M3 Ranch is located in Southern Mendocino County approx., 110 miles north of San Francisco. The Ranch's Headquarters are situated off Boonville Road, about 4 miles from the town of Boonville. The Ranch can be accessed at four entrances along Boonville Road and another entrance on Peachland Road. The Ranch itself is a testament to over 150 years of good stewardship. Initially, a sheep ranch was compiled by Mr. Edward Singley in the late 1800s; the Singley Family ran it until the 1990s. Livestock was run with the idea the land had to be cared for to support future generations, while timber was harvested only to the extent it was being replaced. The M3 ranch consists of over 2200 acres. In 1998, the torch was passed to the current owner, who has not only continued this commitment to agricultural sustainability but has expanded the scope to include habitat enhancement for a multitude of species, extensive erosion control, oak woodland restoration, and stream preservation.