• Villa in El Campello, Alicante

    El Campello, Spain
  • €17,500,000 EUR


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Villa in El Campello,Alicante, Spain.

Campello is a small urbanization near the harbor town ofAlicante.

The airport can be reached in 20 minutes.

The property is located on a peninsula, first line to thesea, with breathtaking sea view and unbelievable sunsets, directly above anatural harbor. A small sandy beach is located to the left of the property,with foot access direct from the villa.

There is a total of 3 buildings – the main house, the staffbuilding and the guest house.

Additional construction on the property is possible.Permission has been granted for the construction of two more houses. Plansexist for converting the natural harbor to a marina; with permission alsogranted here, this makes an appealing self-contained investment project.

Main house: Top floor /entrance, 3bedrooms, 3bathrooms, 1master suite, 2living rooms with 2fireplaces

Middle floor: Work room, 1kitchen, 1exterior kitchen/ barbeque, 1dining room, 2TV rooms, 1living room, 1lounge 1pool

Bottom floor/ entrance:2garages for 6cars, 1private office, 1staff office, 2bodegas (Spanish wine bar with aflamenco dance floor), 1temperature-­-controlled red wine storage facility Wellness area with Finnish sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, fitness area

Guest house: 2bedrooms, 1living room, 1dining room, 2bathrooms Fireplace

Staff building: 2bedrooms, 1living room, 1large room, 1bathroom, 1kitchen, Fireplace

Technical equipment: 2oil tanks (3,000 liters and 500 liters), Generator for alternative power supply, Buderus oil heater, Satellite TV, Internet Telephone system

Security: Webcams, Video surveillance system, Infrared barriers

Option 1:  Retain existing buildings, withpossible

construction of two others.

The size of the overall plot amounts to 8,238.84 sqm (2.035acres),  with 1,165 sqm (0.29 acres)currently built on.

Permission exists to construct two new buildings on twoplots on the estate:

a)    Plot 1:     808.87 sqm (0.2 acres), for constructing approx. 161.71 sqm
(1,740 sq ft) of living space

b)    Plot 2:  1,048.20 sqm (0.25 acres), for constructing approx. 209.64 sqm
(2,256 sq ft) of living space

Main house:

Top floor / entrance

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

1 master suite

2 living rooms with 2 fireplaces

Middle floor:

Work room

1 kitchen

1 exterior kitchen/ barbeque

1 dining room

2 TV rooms

1 living room

1 lounge

1 pool

Bottom floor/ entrance

2 garages for 6 cars

1 private office

1 staff office

2 bodegas (Spanish wine bar with a flamenco dance floor)

1 temperature-controlled red wine storage facility

Wellness area with Finnish sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool,fitness area

Guest house:

2 bedrooms

1 living room

1 dining room

2 bathrooms


Staff building:

2 bedrooms

1 living room

1 large room

1 bathroom

1 kitchen


Technical equipment:

2 oil tanks ( 3,000 liters and 500 liters)

Generator for alternative power supply

Buderus oil heater

Satellite TV


Telephone system



Video surveillance system

Infrared barriers

Option 2:  Demolish existing buildings,with commercial new build.

The overall plot amounts to 8,238.84 sqm (2.035 acres);1,257.01 sqm (0.31 acres) has been zoned as a coastal area not for development,leaving 6,981.83 sqm (1.72 acres) of land for development with a usage factorof 1.0. This means that 6.981.83 sqm(1.72 acres) may be developed on the estate, on three levels each of 2,327.27sqm (0.57 acres) (terraced architecture). Basement parking, cellar spaceand open-air terraces do not count as usage.

This unique location – with marina, beach, front-linenon-developable sea view, 20 minutes from the airport and the mature urbancenter of Alicante – would be interesting as a site for a hotel or aparthotel.The term "aparthotel" means that apartments can be built and soldseparately. One merely needs to install a reception and a small lounge in thebuilding.

The price for the current villa, first line to the sea,8,238.84 sqm (2.035 acres) estate size, incl. two further plots for developmentornew build with 6,981.83 sqm (1.72 acres) of usable space on three levels,each of 2,327.27 sqm (0.57 acres), amounts to:

EUR 17,500,000.-

Marina Project

The local authorities have already granted permission forthe conversion of the existing natural harbor into a marina.

While this is a separate, highly interesting investmentproject, it could however be integrated as an overall investment in the apartment/hotel project.

Planned dimensions

135boat moorings between 8 and 12 meters

25,609 sqm (6.32 acres)Total marina area

4,634 sqm (1.14 acres)Total moorings

11,680 sqm (2.89 acres)Plot size/shore area

13,929 sqm (3.44 acres)Water area

1,753 sqm (0.43 acres)Beach promenade

950 sqm (0.23 acres)Quays

1,746 sqm (0.43 acres)Paths/roads

919 sqm (0.23 acres)Parking lots

250 sqm (0.06 acres)Green zone

1,236 sqm (0.30 acres)Harbor/port authority

2,431 sqm (0.6 acres)Boat repairs, dock facilities

1,779 sqm (0.44 acres)Administration/restaurant 450 sqm (4,840 sq ft), 

commercial/shops 1,220 sqm (13,130 sq ft), sailing school 200 sqm (2,150 sq ft)

(incl. gas station and boat lift (marine hoist)

Calculated investment costs:

EUR 6,326,774.-(incl. VAT @ 18%)

(plus 2% commission on the net sum + VAT.)

The license is granted by the Spanish Government for 30years with an option for extension.