• Podere Cascina Morantone

    Piedmont, Italy
  • €4,000,000 EUR


The construction of the Fruttuaria Abbey in San Benigno Canavese was started in 1003 by monks. In this period the whole area began a fast developing process and many farms had started their activities.

Manor Morantone dates from XI century when the monks, coming from the Abbey, increase their influence in the areas nearby starting up an important school in developing agricultural science.

In XV century, after 400 years of prosperity, abbey started to decline its activities.
The landscape had changed dramatically from the Middle Ages till the Renaissance.

In XV century a rich bourgeois bough the manor, because they used to invest  money coming from their markets activity, in big farms.

In 1805 Conte Nomis de Cossilla bough the manor and built the towers and 2 foreparts.

He drained most part of the land allowing the wheat cultivation and the grazing.

Morantone Manor is a typical piedmont farm. The buildings are surrounding the square court(yard).

The 2 main entrances (east, west) are connected by a covered gallery (arcade).

Some valuable decorations are still visible in the old chapel.

The total floor surface is about 3200 m² and the land all around the manor is about 54 ha.