• Hacienda Style Luxury Home For Sale In Ciudad Colon

    Ciudad Colon, San Jose
  • $3,150,000 US


La Estancia is an architectural luxury home in Ciudad Colon, at minutes\' distance from Escazu and Santa Ana offered totally furnished and equipped. It is a hacienda-type property with extensive green areas and well-established gardens of many years, with huge, leafy trees and buildings with details of rustic flavor with high ceilings with old tile exterior coverage. The design enjoys cross ventilation in all rooms.\n\nThe property has approximately 1,200 m2 of construction. The main house has an approximate area of 750 m2 under the roof as well as a large ranch, a guest cabin and a house for a guardian or gardener who lives within the property.\n\nIn addition to the main building, La Estancia has an area next to the pool and an outdoor SPA with a ranch, an additional kitchen, and a guest house of approximately 350 additional m2 plus an outdoor deck of about 60 m2. The pool area has a floor area of approximately 175 m2 of ceramic floor and the SPA has a gas heater.\n\nIndependently, there is a house for a family that can take care of the property itself (guard, gardener, service personnel).\n\nIt is a wonderful, fresh residence, surrounded by green areas, with a beautiful view of the mountains of El Rodeo Reserve Zone and, at the same time, comfortable and with multiple environments, for a family that likes to live in contact with nature and at the same time very close to Ciudad Colón with all the necessary facilities: shops, supermarkets, churches, restaurants, schools, banks, etc.\n\nBuilt by Constructora PIASA and designed by Arch. Ronald Zurcher, award-winning and renowned Costa Rican architect who designed La Estancia to live in a serene, private, cozy, intimate way in a country environment but at the same time with all the comforts and that allows being conditioned on special occasions to become a great party venue for over 100 guests in formal and informal social areas while enjoying spacious and beautiful outdoors.\n\nThe entire house was designed to take full advantage of natural light and to allow perfect fresh air circulation without the need for air conditioners.\n\nThe entire property is surrounded by a perimeter wall in the front and security mesh in the rest of the perimeter, covered by beautiful plants, grass, and lush and huge trees (some hundred years old). It has a closed circuit of cameras and alarms around the buildings for 24-hour monitoring. It also has a system for recording images and the cameras can be accessed remotely over the Internet.\n\nA large forged steel gate of spectacular beauty gives access to the property through a majestic entrance through the gardens to the main house.\n\nThe architecture of the country-style house comes with details of old wood with a rustic flavor, typical of the haciendas in Mexico, Colombia, or Argentina, that express at the same time a feeling of great space and freedom that offers a family and private atmosphere.\n\nIt also has an intelligent system for the remote control of the lighting of both the roofed areas (main house, ranch, guest house) and the outdoor areas (gardens, trees, swimming pool, etc.) and for the control also of the sound equipment.\n\nPremium Location\n\nThe property is strategically located to the west of the city, in the quiet town of Ciudad Colón from where in just over an hour you can reach the Central Pacific coast and the famous Los Sueños Marina.\n\nLikewise, it is only 20 minutes from the international airport, close to the most important offices, shopping centers, and entertainment centers in the country.\n\nPerfect for business and perfect for living a life with maximum comfort in Costa Rica.\n\nThe house is entered through an elegant wrought iron gate with an old wooden door: the main entrance is connected to the terrace of the house through a corridor with old stone floors with a vaulted brick ceiling from where you They distribute the social areas of the house and that leads to a large terrace with a wonderful view of the pool and the mountains on the near horizon.\n\nThe hallway divides the formal social areas that include a beautiful high-ceilinged dining room with direct access to the kitchen and a spacious living room, both with large windows overlooking the gardens. The social area, both the living room and the dining room, are integrated into a large covered terrace through folding doors that, when opened, create a great special set for events with many guests.\n\nFrom the main house and crossing stone paths, there is access to the slightly more informal or familiar area of the ranch next to the pool and the spa. The ranch also has a large wooden deck with an incredible view of the river canyon and the mountains that are part of the El Rodeo Forest Zone (Protected Area). The ranch area, in addition to a large central social space, has a part for the indoor BQ Bar and a large outdoor deck. In addition, it has a half bathroom and a large cellar. The ranch has its own secondary kitchen.\n\nThe bungalow or guest cabin has access to the said kitchen and a large open terrace that is also integrated into the social area of the ranch. It has its private bathroom and a private walk-in closet or dressing room.\n\nMAIN HOUSE\n\nIn the main house, to the right is a half bathroom for visitors and then the kitchen (with its own cellar or pantry), service area (washing machine, dryer, etc.). In this area there is also a storage room for luggage, equipment, ornaments, or kitchen utensils. There is also a dining room and bathroom for employee use and an additional bedroom for employees with its own bathroom (currently used as a sewing studio). There is a covered patio with transparent foil to dry clothes if desired naturally. In this area, there are garages or indoor parking for 4 vehicles.\n\nFrom the main entrance corridor to the left, you enter a study or office, or television room. Continuing then to the left of the house, you arrive through a corridor illuminated by natural light from a duomo in the upper part to the bedroom area. It has two family bedrooms with their respective private bathrooms each towards the front of the house and the master bedroom towards the back. The master bedroom or master suite is very spacious and also has an additional study with views of the garden and the mountains. It has direct access to the terrace and gardens. The main bathroom is very spacious and bright with transparent ceilings and has a private internal garden that has a covered part for a mini gym. In addition, from the main bathroom, there is access to two separate walk-in closets or dressing rooms.\n\nArchitectural details\n\nFloors\n\nThe floors of the entire main house, with the exception of the entrance hall which is made of antique sidewalk stones, are constructed of Mexican ceramic with different designs and shades ranging from light green to brown and light gold, with different textures that contribute to create a natural environment and highlight the flavor of a farmhouse. In the formal living room and in the large dining room, the windows are built with an iron and glass structure in the form of accordion-type folding doors that allow the spaces to be fully opened and integrated into the large terrace that is the heart of the property thanks to its beautiful gardens and view towards the mountains.\n\nRoofs and covers.\n\nThroughout the house, ceilings are taller than usual, with areas reaching 4 meters and adorned with wooden structures. The roofs of the outdoor terrace are covered with a wild cane, which gives it an even more detail of a country hacienda atmosphere.\n\nWindows and ceilings.\n\nThe windows on both the main facade and the rear facade of the main house have spectacular views towards the manicured and lush gardens that completely surround the house, allowing unique and exceptional lighting and ventilation. The whole house is designed to have cross ventilation and due to its high ceilings and exterior tile roof, it is kept cool and delicious throughout the day.\n\nPOOL AND SPA\n\nThe pool measures 10 meters long by 6 meters wide and has a SPA with an air injection system and its own gas heating. The entire area is covered with a Colombian ceramic sidewalk. This area is surrounded by a part of the property\'s beautiful gardens and with direct access to the Ranch. Towards the south-west side, you have a wide view of the hills of the El Rodeo Forest Reserve. It also has a special cassette for water filtration equipment with its own on and off the system.\n\nRANCH\n\nThe ranch for family recreation or informal events is one of the most attractive points of La Estancia. It has a large open central area with direct access to the pool and the SPA and has a table and a permanently built bar (concrete). The floors are made of Colombian clay-type ceramic in various shades of matte colors and with high tile ceilings lined below with wild cane to give an informal and pleasant atmosphere. It has additional space for the BQ Bar and a large wooden deck with a beautiful view of the mountains. The ranch also has its own guest bathroom (half bath), a large cellar for kitchen utensils, and also its own kitchen that it shares with the Guest Cabin.\n\nGUEST CABIN OR BUNGALOW\n\nIt is a large cabin with high tile ceilings with a wild cane, large windows overlooking the gardens, and surrounded by a beautiful outdoor terrace. It consists of a spacious main room full of natural light and glass doors that give access to an outside terrace. It has its own full bathroom with a Coraline stone shower and a large walking closet. This cabin shares with the ranch a large secondary kitchen that facilitates the attention of both areas.\n\nGARDENS\n\nBeautiful natural gardens surround the entire house. The entire property is filled with green with large, beautiful, century-old trees that frame the views of the nearby mountains, giving the feeling of being in a true nature reserve oasis.\n\nEverything is designed to bring nature to the built areas, especially the social and recreational areas of the property. It is like living in your own private club, giving the feeling of living an eternal vacation. In any place of the property, from the terrace of the main house, the pool area or the ranch and the guest cabin, as well as from any corner of the garden, one can enjoy a view surrounded by nature. It is a small paradise surrounded by endless views towards mountains full of trees and nature.