• Over 745 Acres Of Prime Forest Land With Stunning Ocean And River Views

    Sierpe, Puntarenas
  • $1,570,000 US


Imagine owning nearly 750 acres of prime Costa Rican forest and grazing land in the Southern Pacific zone (Zona Sur) of Costa Rica. When you are on the property, you are surrounded by wild jungle with an indescribable variety of wildlife including wild scarlet macaws, toucans, herons, wild cats, pizotes, monkeys, and so much more. This incredible property is a microcosm of the wilderness of the area and includes primary growth forest, secondary growth forest, livestock pastures, hills, rivers, streams, and much more. The property overlooks the wild Sierpe River, which provides habitat for a wide range of aquatic flora and fauna that people come from around the world to tour and see with their own eyes. This property truly is an environmental treasure and would be an incredible addition for an individual or group that wants to protect the environment for future generations. In fact, much of the forestland is currently enrolled in the FONAFIFA program which provides a modest income in return for continuing to protect this incredible area. As the new owner, you could choose to re-enroll the property and continue protecting the land and collect the modest income or you could choose to repurpose the land – for instance building a new home or eco-business while enjoying incredible privacy and biodiversity. The possibilities are endless.\nThe property is currently utilized for environmental-protection purposes and some livestock grazing. The property has various zones including quebradas, primary and secondary forest, pasture, trails, and more. If you chose to build on the property, there are a number of natural springs and surface water sources as well as electrical service at the road with water concessions on one of the properties. There are countless potential building sites that could provide privacy and incredible views of the ocean, rivers, and valleys in the Sierpe and Drakes Bay area.\nPotential uses for the property:\n1. Continue conserving the area for environmental purposes. Preserve the wilderness and trees in the primary and secondary forest for carbon capture and oxygen production. Continue light grazing and livestock pasture activities while preserving space for the irreplaceable wildlife that calls the area home. This option will even bring in some funds from the FONAFIFO program for protecting the forests. You can expand up to 2000 acres in total if you are interested.\n2. Remote eco-lodge with complete privacy, views, and wildlife. Add in adventure tours and horseback riding for a truly unique guest experience.\n3. Hotel and/or glamping location not too far from Drakes Bay, Sierpe mangrove tours, and more.\nProtecting and enjoying nearly 750 acres is not enough for you? The owner is also willing to offer an additional 1100+ acres of additional adjacent property that would provide an even larger area for you to protect and enjoy for a similar price per hectare. If you are looking for nearly 2000 acres total of wild and pristine environmental treasure in Costa Rica, let’s talk! The owner is even willing to consider partial owner-financing to help make your dreams come true and to help you own this environmental treasure.