• 777 Acre Of An Incredible Property Near Quepos Alma De La Selva

    Quepos, Puntarenas
  • $3,500,000 US


Alma de la Selva is in the UNESCO Savegre Biosphere Reserve, a world-class abundance of biodiversity, that still allows for economic land use and development.\n\nAt Alma de la Selva, we care for and protect the land, the wildlife, and the trees. The land gives back, offering a secluded, peaceful lifestyle that is complete with adventures, perpetual beauty, and a little magic at times.\n\nThe main entrance gate, accessible via a scenic and quiet public road, opens to a tree-lined driveway paved by soft green ground cover. Leading through the rainforest, the drive opens to vistas of the serene blue Pacific Ocean, the Savegre River Valley, and the lushly- forested surrounding mountains.\n\nContinuing on, the road leads through pastures dotted with cattle and flowering trees, before arriving at the Savegre River, where a stone staircase leads down to cerulean blue swimming holes.\n\nThis 777-acre ranch encompasses untouched rainforest, pastures, approximately a mile of Savegre riverfront, numerous waterfalls and creeks, and a plantation of thousands of maturing teak trees.\n\nAn architect-designed and sustainable tiny home, with sweeping verandas, offers panoramic views with all the luxuries of comfortable air-conditioned living. Sunshine and rain power it all, including hot showers with ocean and wildlife views.\n\nThree additional covered decks, located around the ranch, offer space to enjoy the changing natural environments of the finca (ranch). Choose the Ridgeline Mirador near the house with majestic views of the entire property and its surroundings, ideal for birdwatching or astronomy.\n\nA short drive or hike brings you to the nearby Pacific Mirador. Once there, you can while away an afternoon in hanging air chairs, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean, with views from Can~o Island to the Nicoya Peninsula. Or, head up the trail through verdant forest, to Rio Mirador, which overlooks the Savegre River and pastures of the property.\n\nFor the adventurous, a trail system provides access to several of the numerous waterfalls in the eastern canyon, well suited to a horseback ride or a day hike.\n\nA couple of stables and the ranch employees make horseback riding convenient. Begin your ride from the upper stable near the house, or from the stable near the river.\n\nSituated above the river valley, the ranch’s setting enjoys a cool, refreshing climate. Las Brisas del Nara (Breezes from Mt. Nara) arrive overnight during the dry season, to reveal exceptionally dark skies enriched by the full brilliance of the Milky Way.\n\nIn the green season, thunderstorms roll in through the valleys, reviving the greenery with refreshing showers, often followed by rainbows.\n\nWherever you find yourself on the land each day, wildlife is always visible, delivering beautiful, peaceful sights and sounds. Wake up to the music of singing toucans. Watch the butterflies, including Costa Rica’s famous blue morphos, over morning coffee.\n\nWatch the sunset turn the river valley pink as you sip your wine. Enjoy a candlelight dinner on the rooftop deck under the stars, as fireflies light up the yard.\n\nThe patterns of nature, wildlife, and weather provide inner tranquility and a retreat from the modern, busy, and crowded world. The regular change of seasons, the flowering of trees, the appearance of birds and monkeys assure us that all is well here.\n\nExperience this land, and it will stay in your soul. A piece of your soul will stay with this amazing place, Alma de la Selva.\n\nFeatures\n• 777 acres (314 hectares) 30 minutes from Quepos\n• Located in the UNESCO Savegre Biosphere Reserve\n• Spectacular views of ocean, river, mountains\n• Approximately one mile of Savegre river frontage, property spans both sides of the\nriver\n• Numerous creeks and large waterfalls\n• Abundant wildlife including monkeys, exotic birds, large cats\n• Architect-designed sustainable home with attached garage/utility room, veranda\nand roof decks with panoramic views. Solar powered. Air-conditioned\n• Three additional covered decks with variety of view locations. Ideal for birdwatching, star-gazing\n• Internal road from entrance to river with spur roads to house and decks\n• Trail system for hiking, riding with access to waterfalls and view decks\n• Approximately 5,000 tree teak plantation 15 years old\n• 125 acres (50 hectares) of rolling hill pastures, suitable for cattle or development\n• 2 stables and a corral\n• Multiple water sources, permit in process\n• 20 surveyed possible homesite locations with views