• Golfito Bay Titled Waterfront Marina Lot

    Golfito, Puntarenas
  • $1,825,000 US


MARINA LOT\nPRICED AT $1,825,000\n\n\nLocated on Golfito Bay, this unique waterfront property includes 4 separate lots ready for development! They have been labeled Marina, Hotel 1, Hotel 2 and Hotel 3 for identification purposes only and can easily be developed as one large project! \n\nMarina Lot - 5,079.00 mtr or 1.25 acres - $1,825,000\nHotel Lot 1 - 5,213.00 mtr or 1.29 acres - $1,450,000\nHotel Lot 2 - 1,215.00 mtr or .30 acres - $450,000\nHotel Lot 3 - 1,271.00 mtr or .31 acres - $450,000\n\n\nThis beautiful property is located right on the main street in Golfito and titled to the waterline with no maritime zone! A retaining wall surrounds the waterfront property and a fence and entrance gate are currently in place. Together this piece of land has approximately 300 meters of waterfront property.\n\nMARINA LOT - Total of 5,079.00 mtr (1.25 acres)\nThis marina lot has a lot of potential! Docking and launching boats are an easy task at your new marina site! There is plenty of space for customer boats and it is an easy task launching boats from your private boat ramp. The large building currently onsite is great for boat / vehicle storage and the upstairs is currently home to the onsite property manager. The beautiful peninsula, manicured lawn, mangroves and ravine gives this property personality! \n\n \nHOTEL LOT 1 – Total of 5,213.00 mtr (1.29 acres)\nCrossing the bridge over the ravine leads to the 3 hotel lots. Lot #1 is the largest and has plenty of flat space ready for your waterfront hotel. \n\nHOTEL LOT 2 – Total of 1,215.00 mtr (.30 acres) \nHOTEL LOT 3 – Total of 1,271.00 mtr (.31 acres)\nLots #2 and #3 are smaller but if purchased separately would make a great waterfront home building site! \n\n\nWhether you purchase these 4 lots together or separately, you have the best of both worlds! Your retreat is located directly on the main road in Golfito with waterfront property right on Golfito Bay.\n\nDo you want to see a birds-eye view of this beautiful property? Contact us if you’d like to see the 7-minute video or additional photos available for this property.