• Unique Oceanfront Wellness And Retreat Center For Sale

    Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste
  • $2,400,000 US


Located on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific Coast, the Nicoya Peninsula is the perfect secluded escape. Measuring 80 miles long, the Nicoya Peninsula offers a wellness retreat from stress with its laidback lifestyle, magnificent beaches, and beautiful mountain views. You could live in this paradise. Located on the beach of Costa de Oro, this yoga resort offers the perfect respite for guests. The beachfront eco-resort specializes in wellness and yoga retreats, though it’s perfect for weddings, family reunions, or workshops as well.\n\nThis 2017 resort was built with sustainable and bioclimatic principles in mind. It was beautifully designed and is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, providing guests a Zen-like and healing atmosphere amidst the sound of the waves and flow of the tide. \nLocated on 2.5 acres, this 8,500 sq-ft resort features five different bungalows of 2 rooms apiece, totaling 10 bedrooms and bathrooms. There are currently 26 beds total in the resort. It features 6 Quad rooms with one Queen Bed and 2 full-length single beds and four Double rooms, which can be customized with one King bed or two full-length single beds. \nThe resort features 10 full bathrooms and two public restrooms, ideal for the outdoor pool.\n\nThis resort includes all the amenities you’d want to relax. It features a spacious 600 sq beachfront pool, sundeck, and a furnished covered pool lounge area. The sun deck is the perfect place to teach some outdoor yoga or mediation classes among the sun and gardens, one of the things the Nicoya Peninsula is known for. It also includes a commercial-grade kitchen for preparing healthy meals, a restaurant dining area for 32 guests, and a juice bar. \nWhy is the Nicoya Peninsula so popular and unique? The Nicoya Peninsula is referred to as a “blue zone,” where residents that live there often live to be 100 years old. The weather is warm and sunny, meaning you can get some real “Vitamin D,” in your lifestyle by walking and hanging out on the beach outside the resort. The “blue zone,” lifestyle and diet includes eating lighter meals and nutrient-rich local fruits. That juice bar will come in handy. Yoga is one of the most popular wellness exercises of the locals, and while there are plenty of classes nearby, consider offering that at your wellness retreat.\n\nBeyond the basics, there is a lot to see near the Nicoya Peninsula, including sea turtles at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge or spelunking at the nearby Terciopelo Cave. There is a wealth of activities along this gorgeous shoreline waiting for you.