• Maison Louis-Hippolyte- La Fontaine

    Montreal, Quebec
  • $6,700,000 CDN


Maison Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine combines the presence of two main styles in Montreal architecture evolution, neoclassicism and Second Empire style townhouses. The residence has a significant heritage interest as it dwelled Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine (head of government of the Province of Canada) and testifies various historical events such as the riot of 1849 in which the house was nearly burned twice. Bullet holes resulting from the riot can be observed on the facade of the house. Since 2012, the building is protected under the Cultural Heritage Act.

The property was abandoned for over 20 years before its restoration to its original condition by Brivia. After being restored with exceptional execution and according to the strictest rules of the art, the residence now offers an incredible location with a building of highest quality and a historical heritage with endless possibilities for the owner. Without interior walls, the property can be designed to your specific needs.  There are 3 indoor parking spaces, with additional parking available in the underground, connected to YUL Condominiums. Furthermore, owners will have the option to have access to all YUL’s luxurious amenities such as the indoor pool, gym and sky lounge. The new owners can use the property for residential purposes.  The property can also be used for light commercial upon the approval of YUL Condominiums association and the city.