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The Truth About Valerie Green

Let’s journey inside her mind – into her personal world.

 “I am encouraged when I make a difference in someone’s life.  Everyone has worth and inestimable potential.  I endeavor to enhance that potential and help bringit out

 I am encouraged when I creatively figure out a solution to a problem.  There is an energy contained in the presentation of a challenge that catapults my mind into the realm of possibility.  What an adventure!

 I am encouraged when I share in meaningful relationships.  I welcome the dynamic involvement in the lives of unique individuals who quickly learn that they have embarked on a personal relationship with a person who has the ability to be a lasting part of their life. 

 I am encouraged when I maintain balance in my life.  I have found that success in any profession emanates from a whole person. I nourish my body with daily workouts, healthy foods & supplements.  I nurture my mind with quiet retreats that encourage personal reflection and allow creativity to flow.   I maintain personal connection with the ones I love and applaud my peers and encourage their road of success.  I do not live in isolation.  I find that success in life is in the ability to include – not exclude.

 I am encouraged when I accomplish what I set out to do.  Determination and purpose lay a firm foundation for success and security.  Life is a continuum of self expression lived out in the arena of decisions, problem solving and relationships. There is no failure in this world view.  There is only increasing opportunity for creativity, learning and insight.

 I am encouraged when I help someone get to a solution.  Any and every situation presents the arena for a solution.  When situations are viewed as opportunities, there is no failure, no fear, only a beacon of light toward a solution.

 I am encouraged when I see visible growth, gains and results.  I desire to swiftly ascertain the salient elements toward a goal.  I disregard as less important all elements that do not quickly take me to the goal. The record of visible success has never been in the process, but has been in the visible result.  When you get results, maybe then you can figure out how you got there. 

 I am encouraged when I focus on that which is in my arena today.  Yesterdays accomplishments are a lasting part of a woven tapestry. Today, however, offers new opportunity, new insights, new challenges and possibilities.  Life is not lived in the past.  It is a celebration of that which is present today.

 I an encouraged when I am successful in maintaining an open, stimulating environment.   My assistants are able to find self expression and creativity to truly be what they were made to be.  It is not my goal to duplicate myself, but to encourage the uniqueness of every gift to find expression – a place.  My work then becomes multi-dimensional in strength and multi-faceted in its creative energy.  We all can do more.

 I am fulfilled and encouraged when I can gift others with determination, focus, clarity and perspective.  Every one I meet in this arena is seen as a unique individual with purpose in life.  If I can mirror the strength of determination, the power of unyielding focus, the brilliance of clarity of thought and the perspective of endless possibility – I will have achieved a life goal of personal success.

Amazingly, this profession of Real Estate is not merely the best technology – the newest techniques - the largest office or the most listings.  It now takes another flavor – a more vibrant hue – a powerful purpose – a new name – an individual uniqueness. It is not that Real Estate has been my life for over 26 years - but rather that I have brought life to Real Estate. 

             It is my personal pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of your life.

12515 Monterey Circle

  • Fort Washington, Maryland
  • $1,299,000 US
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16305 Marlboro Pike

  • Upper Marlboro, Maryland
  • $1,100,000 US
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501 Troon Cir

  • Fort Washington, Maryland
  • $895,000 US
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