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In 1982 Paula Burtch went to college at University of Montana with her twin sister and a track scholarship. Upon Graduation they each went opposite directions.

In 1993 Paula climbed the corporate ladder in the wholesale life insurance business in Seattle, Washington.  Armed with only ambition and determination, Paula then moved to Nashville to again be with her family and start a career in real estate.

Paula established a brand identity with a business model that includes using bus benches, newspaper advertising, area brochures, and personal handshakes. She acknowledges that,“ The real estate business is about hard work and many different types of networking connections .”

Paula excelled quickly and was ranked in the top 5% in the nation by 1998. She has been a consistent multi-million dollar producer ever since.

Along the way, Paula has inspired her clients and colleagues. She has an infectious enthusiasm and charisma that attracts investors to listen to her investment property strategies and fellow agents to learn how to become a great realtor.

Paula has become a valuable mentor resource in the industry as a result of other agents hearing her story and learning about her marketing skills and techniques. She has converted apartments to condos, acquired properties with no money down, maintains rental property and sold properties in just hours. “It’s been very rewarding for me to share my experiences. My nature is to teach and my story shows others the lessons I have learned.”

Today, Paula works 10 west side markets in Nashville, and   provides clients weekly feedback and activity updates. Communication is a vital part of all relationships and Paula lives by the doctrine, “an informed client is a happy client.”

8382 Collins Road

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • $3,990,000 US
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