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Special “Finds…” was founded in 1995, by Brenda Thompson.

“I’m a poet, and every Special “Find…” deserves a story!

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I bring my listings to life!

“I worked for the New York Stock Exchange as Marketing Director for many years.  Wanting more freedom than corporate America could give me, I obtained my NY Real Estate license.  After working with some of the nationally franchised real estate companies, I ventured out on my own. “Cookie cutter” or “mass-produced” would never work for me, so I developed Special “Finds…” for people like me — people who wanted something something different!  I opened our first Special Finds office in ’95 in Asheville, NC, and a second office in Hendersonville, NC in 2003.”

As the real estate market collapsed in 2008, I closed our offices.  In 2013, the Asheville market made a major turnaround and, I am excited to once again be open in Asheville!

All the gallery photos you see on the site are from our many Special “Finds…” listings — each unique in their own way.  Price matters not, however Special “Finds…” does tend to attract a more affluent clientele.

A Special “Find…” just needs to have its own distinct personality, it can be in good to excellent condition, it is rare or hard to find, it often has a unique interior layout, it can be unique, simply because of its setting or its views, it could be an antique home, an ultra-modern home, a country farmhouse or a city cottage, a waterfront estate or a little log cabin in the woods.  A Special “Find…” is unique in many ways.


In 2007, Brenda  was one of sixteen Finalists in the prestigious Make Mine a $Million Business® program sponsored by Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence — and founding partner, OPEN from American Express®.  The program provides a combination of money, marketing and mentoring to women entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses to a $million and beyond. Over 450 applications were received from women-owned businesses across the nation.  Sixteen Finalists were selected.  In a three minute “elevator pitch”, each winner presented her business concept to a live audience of over 1000 people in Boston. Explaining her firm’s unusual concept of representing select properties having distinctive characteristics, Ms. Thompson, stated “What establishes a property as a Special “Find…” is not its price, but rather its personality and its distinct character.  Our signature advertising style is well known for its emotional impact on buyers and sellers.”In recognition of her firm’s premise, vision, and financial potential, Ms. Thompson won a package of awards including: up to $20,000 in financing by OPEN from American Express® and Count Me In; small business insurance and financial planning from AIG®; business and financial management software from Intuit, and mentoring and coaching from a “dream team” of coaches and business experts.

Make Mine a Million $ Business is an initiative program of Count Me In, where boldly creative women help each other turn their dreams into a reality.