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Raquel Ramirez is a seasoned real estate professional with 10+ years of combined real estate and banking experience.  She graduated from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and obtained a Management and Entrepreneurial degree from Florida International University.  In 2004, she went on to obtain a real estate brokerage license, which she then used to found Investment Worx, Inc., a private real estate service and investment company.  She entered the banking industry in 2006 and applied her real estate knowledge and experience to help build the Special Assets Division at The Bank of Miami (formerly The International Bank of Miami). She later joined the Special Assets Division at Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust and managed the successful disposition of millions of dollars in bank-owned assets.  Having navigated through the largest economic and real estate collapse, she realized that most consumers had not been acquainted with the values that professional representatives should have introduced.  In dealing with the increasing market volatility, she identified the need for professionals with a passion for real estate and an innate desire to raise the stakes.  Her decision to rejoin the real estate industry was ignited by her passion for artistic marketing and cinematography, which was infused by her desire to serve the luxury market.