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For over 26 years I've been helping folks in Tallahassee buy and sell their homes, like my Grandfather before me. I am a third generation Tallahassean who has always enjoyed the “Mayberry” quality of life. I have always enjoyed being able to help people find a home looking for that same quality of life. I enjoy what I do. because of the thrill I get when a person puts me in charge of helping them with their real estate need, either buying or selling. It’s like having one piece of a puzzle and now the fun is finding that other piece of the puzzle. After the two pieces come together, I feel like the hero of the day. My clients always enjoy looking at homes and properties with me because of the decades of being in the business I see things others may not, maybe I have a unique understanding of the history of the development or the builder who built the home. Sometimes it is as simple as the building materials and time of construction that makes me be more aware of specific possible issues. I want to be your Realtor.


6673 Oakdown Dr

  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • $974,900 US
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