Prudential Northwest Properties

Bert Waugh Jr, President
Phone: 1.800.547.1982
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Ninety-Eight percent of consumers recognize the Prudential name and the Rock® symbol for integrity, tradition, stability and results.

For over 125 years, Prudential Financial has done business with people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes. While our customers are different, they all seek the same thing – security and peace of mind.

Whether it’s Prudential Insurance, Securities, Health Care, Investments, or Real Estate, everything is focused on helping customers to help themselves by providing the advice needed to make important personal, financial decisions.

In the process, Prudential has grown to provide financial services to more than 50 million people – one out of every five households in North America.

Customers all over the country already trust Prudential for their insurance and financial needs. When it's time to sell or buy a home, the Prudential Real Estate network is a natural option for their real estate needs.

The Strength of The Rock®

There is strength and assurance in combining the networking power of 650+ dedicated Prudential Northwest Properties professionals in Oregon & Washington with over 43,000 Prudential Real Estate Affiliate members nationwide.

The power and strength of The Rock®… it’s a combination that gives our customers advantages unmatched by any other real estate organization.