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Office: 1.903.581.3900
Office: 1.903.581.3900
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The story of The Pamela Walters Group is one of leadership and success. Over the past 35 years, under the leadership of Pamela Walters, we have become one of the premier real estate companies in East Texas. We are known for our commitment to professionalism and customer service. Our Buyer’s Agents are dedicated to guiding and negotiating for our buyer clients with best possible outcomes in mind. They will show you the types of homes you’re looking for, they will negotiate pricing with the seller on your behalf, and they will always keep in mind that your needs and preferences are paramount. In addition to business excellence, The Pamela Walters Group is committed to our community, providing support for people and animals in need.

If you are thinking of buying a home, just call our office and ask to speak with one of our Buyer’s Agents; you can then relax knowing that your best interests will be served!