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Early on, Meg discovered that "country properties" is a market segment that hadn't been fully addressed by most agents and real estate companies. Many are unable or unwilling to make the significant up-front investment of time necessary to familiarize themselves completely with a large property that is miles away from potential customers. Others may be daunted by the special problems and needs presented by buyers and sellers of country properties.

Meg has learned there are a number of unique challenges related to buying or selling rural properties.  What is the water supply to the property? What is the source of electricity? What kind of condition is the septic tank in? Is school bus service available? Is the property accessible by county-maintained roads or private roads? Who owns the water and mineral rights? The list goes on. Most agents aren't familiar enough with these questions to handle them quickly and efficiently. Meg is.  Meg can relate to people who love horses, as she has been breeding & showing Peruvian Paso horses for the past 20 years ~ her horses have brought home many show ribbons over those years. 

Besides an unparalleled network of agents and glowing references from clients, Meg has benefited from the current technological advances that are changing the way we all do business.  "There is no question that technology is enabling many professionals to move away from the city and into the country, using computers to connect them to their jobs," Meg says. ``I'm seeing more and more families moving to the country who do not necessarily want to be farmers or ranchers, but who have been freed from the city by new technologies."