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A few words about us.

Our avant-garde agency specializes in niche markets. We concentrate our energies on very specific areas of our city.  Although we can be very useful in searching, evaluating and negociating properties for our clients throughout the Greater Montreal area, we offer sellors the benefit of promoting the area called Rosemont. Before we expand on this subject, let us say that our agency is brand new and is the result of more than 26 years of professional real estate work in Montreal for a large scale company.  The brokers have varied proficiencies including certificates in construction, real estate law, Condo management, and much more.

Our brokers offer services in French, English and Spanish. We offer on site visits  or virtual visits for those of you not able to travel at the time.  All necessary documents may be provided by email and electronic signatures are available.

About Rosemont:

This sector of our fair city is well known for the quality of its environment, its people, its homes. The values of properties run the full range, from the very frugal small loft-style condo to the upper-range, high quality multi-level dwellings and they all share the same reputation for being well located and benefit from a secure financial future.

Rosemont is an older area of Montreal and is therefore a witness to the time-tested structural soundness of our homes.  It benefits from all the services a family may want or need including an English speaking high school. It is near all the necessary transport services to an underground metro system that spans throughout the island. Pools, parks, schools, shops, restaurants, cinemas, pubs and bars, cafés, you name it, Rosemont has it.  We are very proud of our little section of town and we know that clients who look for something of quality, urban in its location and suburbian-like in its surroundings will be pleased and satisfied.

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