The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House
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Rebuilding Luxury Real Estate

We created The Garage Sale to address the biggest challenges in luxury real estate markets. We're driving new opportunities for buyers, sellers and agents and building a solution that serves these audiences in a more efficient and streamlined fashion. Our carefully refined process differentiates luxury homes and properties through strategic marketing, high production documentation, sound diligence and event-style auctions. This allows us to achieve sales for luxury real estate in a fixed time frame while earning the best possible sale price for our clients. The Garage Sale is redefining the auction world and providing new instruments to the luxury real estate industry.


Auctions are one of the oldest, most reliable forms of transaction. That's why we've been looking to auctions to sell assets since 2007. Over the years we have worked to perfect our process, striving to develop the most efficient model in the industry. Raising nearly $100,000 for charity while building a network of like minded indiviudals, The Garage Sale has been a positive force in its community since day one.