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The incarnation of luxury real estate for over 25 years

Since its creation in 1988, Belles Demeures has pioneered and perfected a specific approach to French luxury real estate. For over 25 years we have been your ally, accompanying you in your search for truly exceptional real estate in the most beautiful areas in France.

A vector for French “art de vivre”, Belles Demeures is a showcase for the country’s most prestigious properties,exceptional for their location, exceptional for their breathtaking views, and exceptional for the quality of their architecture.

A selection of unique properties bearing witness to the immense wealth of French architectural styles

Our expertise in the universe of luxury real estate makes Belles Demeures a unique showcase for a multitude of properties, each set in its own particular dream environment yet all sharing a common characteristic: the exceptional.

From sumptuous chateaux and manor houses bearing witness to France’s exceptional architectural heritage to avant-garde architect-designed villas, Belles Demeures offers a remarkably varied range of properties across the country.

A property that reflects its owner

All of the properties that you discover in Belles Demeures are unquestionably unique.

Each has its own particular charm and character. Give free rein to your desires and emotions and discover the property that will become your dream home.

The incarnation of French art de vivre in all its forms, Belles Demeures is committed to maintaining excellence and offering you the opportunity to possess a unique little piece of France.

Our meticulous selection of true professionals offers a guarantee of quality

Belles Demeures exclusively publishes properties proposed by luxury real estate professionals who are recognized for their expertise and the quality of their services.

Thanks to our meticulous selection of agencies, Belles Demeures can guarantee the truly exceptional quality and the realistic evaluation of the properties we present.