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Hubzu® is an online real estate marketplace with over 100,000 homes sold in some of the nation’s most exclusive enclaves. As we grow, we’re constantly adding listings in locales from the sun-kissed streets of Scottsdale to the gilded thoroughfares of Palm Beach.

Building on this success, we’ve refined our dynamic platform to meet the stringent needs of luxury buyers. First, we’ve placed key steps of the offer process online. When you discover a property with the right blend of comfort, class, and features, you can instantly place an online bid or offer.

Hubzu also lets you purchase luxury property in two different ways. Traditional sales mirror the familiar process you already know while our innovative auctions provide an exciting, secure, and totally transparent way to buy.

With luxury listings including opulent high-rise condos, stately old-world colonials and sumptuous beach-front getaways, Hubzu is sure to satisfy even the most discerning home buyer. Our customer service team is also standing by 24/7 to help guide you.


 * Luxury listings in markets across the country

 * 100,000 homes sold and counting

 * Submit bids/offers online, anytime

 * Two types of home sales: traditional and auction

 * 24/7 customer service