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David & Katie Dew live in the area they love. So it is easy to sell the Chesapeake Bay, when they know the area so well. Katie Horsley Dew, granddaughter of Isabell K. Horsley, has been helping out in the firm since she was very young. David & Katie met and graduated from Randolph-Macon college in Ashland, VA. David, a Richmond native, loved the Chesapeake Bay area and decided to go back to Katie's home town to live. David worked as a mortgage lender before his real estate career and continues to take this knowledge with him into the real estate field. David & Katie work very closely in the local community through participating in many boards such as Lancaster Chamber, Schools, Rotary & more. "We feel very strongly in giving back to our small town." David & Katie also help run the firm with Nelson Horsley, Jr., principal broker.

474 Sandy Run Trl

  • Kilmarnock, Virginia
  • $1,940,000 US
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249 Grove Point Rd

  • Kilmarnock, Virginia
  • $1,695,000 US
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437 The Ln-Pending

  • Irvington, Virginia
  • $1,375,000 US
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