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The Era Of Virtual Selling Has Begun

Selling virtually is the new normal. We are here to help. The team at Luxury Homes Digital (LHD) has developed a new application for presenting your listings, virtually. A recent survey from Matterport shows the ability to supply virtual touring options to sellers and buyers is necessary.  A notable 55% of respondents would be willing to purchase a home sight unseen if a 3D tour was present. Even more important, almost 80% of respondents said they would even switch realtors to one that offers 3D touring services as a sales tool.

Though virtual sales tools have already been utilized by many top performing agents across the globe for years, the coronavirus crisis has no-doubt sped up the importance of utilizing virtual sales tools.

Aleksandra Scepanovic, managing director of Ideal Properties Group, New York, states in a recent Luxury Daily® article. “If the pandemic continues in earnest, a luxury real estate agent needs to be able to market a property through a variety of technically adequate platforms and resources”. Further reinforcing the growing necessity for virtual sales tools, and outlining the need for this type of digital innovation to become a priority for realtors nationwide.

If you’re wondering just how many people are willing to make such an important purchase without actually stepping foot in the home, you would be surprised! According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, earlier this year only 3.5% of agents had completed purchases sight unseen. As of April 2020, that number has now risen to 31%! 

What does all this mean? The virtual selling of real estate is becoming more commonplace. That’s where we come in.

Announcing the Solas App, a super user-friendly platform for delivering complete listing presentations to buyers online. We have created Solas for top-producing Realtors, and it has already generated sales during this challenging period. Selling this way is going to be the new normal, and we are here to help YOU sell… virtually.

How it works…the LHD team will take your listing assets and load them into your custom Solas listing template. We can also add extra assets that you would normally present at a listing presentation.  From there, you present your listings to buyers via any of the video conference apps. YOU control the content and pace, to guide your buyer prospects down the discovery path as if you were showing your listing in-person. 

To find out more call us at 1-866-860-1235 (X 103) to take advantage of the free Solas App offer. 

We look forward to helping you sell virtually!

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