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Fawn Bluff Cove

fawn bluff coveNestled in the Bute Inlet’s Blue Lagoon and resting upon 1,300 feet of wondrous ocean shoreline, this rustic west coast retreat is a jewel of an estate. Situated upon a gentle slope to the surrounding emerald splendor of the west coast, the astounding natural realm to which this retreat derives from has a plentiful array of furnished and natural amenities. The wild rain-forest surrounds a lodge which in itself was carefully crafted and envisioned, with a rural theme but imbued with modernity to give this home its comely interior spirit.

Originally from Scotland, three retired brothers and professional bachelors fell in love with the Bute Inlet and settled in at Fawn Bluff in 1913, soon after creating the Leask Homestead.  Located roughly 200 miles north of Vancouver and at the base of British Columbia’s highest mountain at 13,177 feet, this pristine fjord is one of the deepens in the province. Known for it’s unique brand of hospitality, Fawn Bluff became a famous quintessential Canadian retreat, mesmerizing its visitors with lavishly untouched west coast surroundings. Consisting of The Founder’s Lodge, Lake Cottage, Guest House, Hollywood Trailer, Staff Camp, and noted lookout, this 340 acre property is a fully stocked resort with the ability to run as is, or even expand.

An entirely private waterfront, as well as fully-stocked lake, is all yours, and not only is the estate the most prominent feature yet, the wildlife is indeed in line with the lodge in the means of richness. Fawn Bluff boasts itself as one of the most grandest wildlife retreats, encompassing a vast array of wild animals such as black bears, cougars, deer, eagles, seals, and whales among others which call this surrounding temperate rain-forest home. From the wrap-around balcony overlooking the rugged coastline, you can reminisce upon the wild animals and nature of this place as you sit within the comfort of your home, sipping a warm drink in peace.  

The Founders Lodge is created from the best materials for a luxury retreat; mighty timber hand hew from the forests, and colossal stone forged and mended to the structure by fire; this place was created from the very land to which it sits so humbly upon. Grand windows span the estate sidelong, bringing in natural lighting from sunrise to sunset. In the winter months when day time is at its minimum, lighting fixtures are plentiful in and outside the estate. Manicured garden beds and native plants flow alongside the gravel cul-de-sac and pathway, all leading to the front doors, the gateway to this rustically luxurious adventure.

At first glance you’ll see the interior encompasses that classic rural cabin theme. Though a closer gaze will show you how from floorboard to banister, each and every inch of this roomy interior is furnished to a prestigious and polished gleam. With natural wood accents carried from floor to ceiling you will feel transported back in time, yet the modern lighting fixtures and appliances will have you right back in the moment; this place is the best of both worlds.

A raised wrap around porch spans the upper level of the main estate, granting access to the other spaces of the house. The bottom level of the home is furnished to delve more into a modern look, with typical drywall spanning the throughout, giving a light and cool gleam to this lower level interior.

Few other grand estates and surrounding land can boast such natural wonder and adventure, as well as refined luxury all in among it all. The encircling rain-forest and bodies of surrounding water are highlighted by the natural sunlight and with magnificence, each new day sees a different fruitful rendition of the estate, and with each new season a new scenery unfolds.

Listed by: The Faith Wilson Group