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La Capanna

A refined surge of Italian Renaissance washes over this Mediterranean-style resort, which rests along the white sugar beaches of the beautiful Naples, Florida. With such natural beauty just steps away from the crest of the vast pool and sweeping patio, this Gordon Drive estate is a seaside paradise. Warm sunsets of pink, red and orange, like a streaming palette across the sky are replicated by the LED lightning imbued within the estate’s foremost interactive fountain. The deep blues of the grand pool parallel the deep blue gulf just steps from this exquisite outdoor amenity. A poolside cabana, covered, alike the poolside spa also covered by a wondrous pergola.

The driveway swirls up past a gated entry leading you past park-like lawns and gardens, which greet you to either sides. The overall 18,172 sq. ft Mediterranean mansion rises up from the elegant land, imposing a visually appealing mark upon the lush, coastal grounds. While driving or walking up to the main entrance, a grandiose fountain adornes the centrality of the spacious cul-de-sac portraying true regal opulence.

Walk in through the main double doors to see the white and very light interior, which allows for attention to be distributed evenly throughout the space. This cool luxuriousness continues from the marble flooring to the white washed ceiling greatly overhead. Many corridors lean off and lead to the array of many rooms, while a vast stone stair stretches high to the overhead balconies and exuberantly welcoming chandelier.

One of the many comfortable living rooms, the living space upon the ground floor connects to the outdoor poolside. Crown moulding befits the ceiling and blends harmoniously with the other lovely attributes of this room and the rest of the estate. Warm carpeting and plush chairs give warmth atop the cool flooring, whilst a hearth and grand-spanning windows gives view to the estate’s vast exterior–an additional testament to the luxurious call for attention and craftsmanship. With crown moulding and refined wood paneling upon the ceiling, every component of each room pertaining unique attributes and call for attention. Also upon the ground floor is a covered-glass panel-enclosed covered seating area–a wondrous space to relax and watch the sunrise or the dawn’s new light reflecting off of the pool and ocean, just steps away.  

One of the most prominent features, the cookery, is a splendid area for living. A grand center counter-island for all forms of cooking functions, alongside polished wood cabinetry comprising the base of the main center island and side counters, as well as wall-mounted cabinetry.

A spacious dining room is located just around the corner, a place which in itself can boast a lengthy dining table and room for many household members and visitors.

A deep mahogany bar, 500 bottle wine room, and state of the art electronics befit many of the rooms, fitness center, home theater, and his or her studies. What else could one ask for? So much to do in such an extensive layout! Many more small, yet impactful, hidden gems can be found about this palace-like estate; the first step to finding them would be to call this masterful place (by A. Vernon Allen Builders) home.

Listed by: Bills Earls & Larry Lappin