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Lighthouse Estate

Just north of the city of Toronto sits the quaint Lake Simcoe, and along its shores lays the grand residence of Lighthouse Estate. This luxurious compound will enchant its visitors into calling it home upon arrival. The drive from the gatehouse to the estate is so picturesque, so choice, it could be easily the cover for the most prestigious of luxury home magazines.

We begin as you coast up the gravel driveway, passing the gate to a green island of manicured shrubbery which divides the road in two before it meets in its circular manner, leading you to the two adjacent estates. A vehicle garage with the ability to adequately house many automobiles, while the encircling driveway can serve as overflow parking, overall housing up to twenty five automobiles. Each estate is an extensive 12,500 square feet with the additional sprawling, lush land and forest which then leads you to the peaceful shoreline of Lake Simcoe.

Grand foyers give a heightened view over the extensive plot of land serving as your own personal meadowed forest. Sit down on the comfortable couches and sip a warm tea in the morning as you watch the mist rise, or enjoy a mural of warm colors as the sun sets over the calm waters, and your very own picturesque lighthouse.

A simple but open dining room with lofty ceilings and open walls creates a very translucent and tranquil setting.  Then there’s the kitchen, a space accented with splashes of darker greys and white, creating an atmosphere which will match any theme of food. Furnished cabinetry is found high and low, accenting the encircling walling, this cookery further adorned with a large counter-top-island. A quaint breakfast nook is located nearby, in front of the adjacent ocean views. As you continue through the luxurious living spaces, you will find six bedrooms filling each estate with an additional seven bathrooms. One of these rooms being the master chamber-your very own room among all the other splendors of this estate. The master bedroom is colored with a cool scheme to match the soft grey carpeting and flowing drapes and other cool amenities of this room.

The outdoor patio is perfect for any time of the day. A built in heavy-duty barbecue alongside a firepit befit with encircling chairs of great-relaxation, a night among the fire or sitting out as the morning sun rises to greet you, this place is a signature area for the two estate. The novelties don’t end there though, for a bar room, pool table and widescreen television are accompanied by classy furnishings, making this room the perfect venue for a social gathering. A tennis court is also located on the grounds, as well as a magnificent pool with a very spacious poolside gazebo, an overall central jewel for the grounds, perfect for hot summer days.

Enjoy a stroll across the expansive land between your estate and the water’s edge at your private beach. A glass enclosed boat house featuring a large deck atop to sunbathe upon awaits you. In the evenings enjoy a cold drink as dusk sets warm colors across the sky and waters. This is where your private lighthouse additionally adorns the concrete-stone dock which juts gracefully out into the water.

Listed by Elise Kalles