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Latest Design Trends in Luxury Homes

bigstock-A-very-neat-and-colorful-home-123511988-300x200Ever wondered what it would take to transform your living space from homely to haute? Here are the latest must-haves that define luxury in a home.

High-End Kitchens

Kitchens are one of the most important features of a home. It’s where families come together after a long day, where meals are shared, and holidays celebrated. It’s no wonder why they are one of the biggest focuses when it comes to a luxury home.
More and more kitchens are adding big, shiny, professional grade appliances fit to rival the most upscale restaurants. Wine coolers, warming drawers, walk-in and butler’s pantries are also popular. And of course, spacious kitchens are always in style.

a beautiful new apartment

Taking it Outside

A major trend in high-end homes is the outdoor space. A swimming pool is no longer the height of luxury. Modern upscale homes also include complete outdoor kitchens, including pizza ovens, built-in barbecues, fridges, and stainless steel work spaces. Entertaining spaces must be ready for the most extravagant outdoor dinner party, cozy living room seating, pergolas, chandeliers, and fireplaces.

beautiful outdoor room with ramada and kitchen in sunny arizona.

Resort-Style Spa Bathrooms

Nothing says luxury like a relaxing day at the spa. Many luxury home owners make it a spa day every day by transforming their bathrooms into hotel-quality oases, complete with heated flooring, stone walls and counters, huge walk-in showers, and large freestanding soaker tubs.

Modern Bathroom interior with stone wall

Smart Technology

Technology plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Everybody is always chasing after the latest gadget. It’s no wonder it’s become so popular for upscale homes to include technology in its design and functionality. Many high end homes now include technology that controls the temperature, unlocks the doors, and controls the security system.

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

Designer Closets

In the past, even the simplest walk-in closets were a hallmark of luxury. In today’s market however, many homeowners are taking their closets one step further by transforming them into complete, designer showroom-quality change rooms. Extravagant details such as chandeliers, marble-topped islands, and floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves are all the rage.

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