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Masterpieces of the Earth Collection

mail.google.comThis luxury collection is unlike any other!

Imagine owning the finest private collection of giant crystals, fossils and Fontainebleau Concretions in the World! Yes, they actually are for sale!

“Impressive!” – Dr. Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist and Author of “A Brief History of Time”.

The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection is the finest private collection of giant crystals and Fontainebleau “natural sculptures” in the world. Visitors, upon seeing these planetary wonders for the first time, say it’s like entering a lost world full of near magical creations beyond anything they could have imagined.

Even though some of the pieces far outweigh your family SUV, they have the striking beauty of some of humanity’s finest artistic achievements. The result is a collection of rarely ever seen, fantastic planetary treasures, many older than the oldest dinosaurs.

“One of the most amazing museums in the world…People leave saying it is one of the most compelling artistic experiences of their lives.” – CBS Evening News.


When you enter The Masterpieces Of The Earth Collection, you enter another world. A world outside of time and beyond our imagination that has existed for countless millions of years unseen until now. There is a giant quartz crystal glowing in the darkness that weighs three and a half tons and is over half a billion years old, discovered in S.W. Africa nearly thirty years ago. There is an elegant fossil seascape on white limestone 14 feet high with an entire school of 52 million year old fossil fish “swimming” around a prehistoric palm frond nearly ten feet tall. The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection is filled with astonishing pieces, which are not only phenomenal natural creations of planet Earth, but also artistic masterpieces in their own right, even though they long predate the existence of humanity itself. The youngest of these pieces is two million years old, and the oldest – over half a billion years old!


“The Ultimate Collection. Crystals and fossils of the magnitude on exhibit here are extraordinary and rarely, if ever, seen either in museums or on the collector market….The ‘Masterpieces of the Earth’ exhibit is something far beyond the ordinary… world class.” – Rock & Gem Magazine.

Over the years, major pieces from The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection have been acquired by a number of natural history museums around the globe including: The
Smithsonian Institution, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, and the Tokyo Museum of Science. After thirty-five years spent gathering these ancient monumental masterpieces from all over the world, the owners have recently announced for the first time, the availability of this extraordinary collection of over two hundred spectacular giant natural crystals for sale. They are primarily interested in offering the collection in its entirety, however they are also receptive to selling selected individual pieces to private collectors, corporations and museums.


“A fabulous collection of the best.” – Dr. Edwin Roedder, Emeritus Professor Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This magnificent collection of earth treasures was founded on a vision of the owners to create a Planetary Museum – a place of sanctuary and beauty in celebration of the majesty of planet earth, filled with giant crystals and fossils in a setting of great serenity and peace.

The owners feel that “in the midst of the global environmental crisis we experience and witness every day, we need more than ever to feel encouraged and inspired by the magnificence of the Earth. We need to fall in love with our world all over again!”

“You’ve created a garden of immortality.” – Fred Alan Wolf, quantum physicist, author of “Taking The Quantum Leap” and recipient of the American Book Award.


Among the rarest and most spectacular pieces of The Masterpieces Of The Earth Collection are The Giant Fontainebleau Concretions. If these extraordinarily beautiful natural “sculptures” had been man-made and signed by the artist, and featured in a major museum of modern art rather than birthed out of the Earth by the sensuous dance of water nearly two million years ago, they could claim their rightful place among humanity’s great artistic treasures!


The Fontainebleau concretions in The Masterpieces of the Earth Collection represent virtually all of the major Fontainebleau concretions available in the world today. No other significant discoveries of Fontainebleau concretion specimens have been found over the past twenty-five years. Thus making this Fontainebleau concretion collection the most rare, beautiful and valuable of its kind in the world.

“Magnificent! Your collection is a revelation!” – Stephen Jay Gould, World renowned paleontologist and author, The American Museum of Natural History, New York, and The Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge.

“The most spectacular private collection of giant natural crystals and fossils in the world.” – NBC Evening Magazine, KING TV, Seattle, Washington.


There is nothing like it on planet Earth – in or out of museums!

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