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I came to Real Estate by a circuitous route. I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, taught economics at Gateway Technical College for many years. After living in Germany with my husband and sons upon returning to the US I simultaneously enrolled in the Real Estate licensing courses and embarked on obtaining a degree in Interior Design. I never had any intention of pursuing a career in Real Estate. (Famous last words.) But little by little I was drawn into Real Estate and found I loved it. It combined many of my favorite things…people, homes, the opportunity to “improve” upon a home as it currently exists, and the crucial factors of supply and demand coupled with an understanding of money and banking involved in obtaining a mortgage. My love of this business has lead to tremendous success but for me the best success has always been knowing that I have happy clients.

So why do I say “circuitous”? My father and grandfather were both in Real Estate so in a sense I was raised in the business.  The business has morphed many times since my grandfather got his license in 1919 or so. They would never recognize today’s world of real estate. I have always tried to keep up with the those changes as they come. There are more changes on the horizon and we will be incorporating those changes as they come.

Likewise, personal life changes too. Our two sons are now married with children. My four grandsons and one granddaughter bring unlimited joy to my life. My husband died suddenly two years ago and that too brought adjustments. The more we experience in life the better it helps us relate to and understand others and what is going on in their lives. I have always said I see my role as a Realtor not just as the person with Real Estate knowledge but as counselor, advisor and sometimes the person who helps listen to and sooth my clients.  It is a privilege to be a part of my client’s real estate decisions.

I consider it a very fortunate day when I first met Rosa Stong. Eventually we started to work together and ultimately, we formed a partnership of close collaboration. My husband Bob said we were like “clones” so we feel that our clients get two of us for the “price of one”.

333 Lake Ave Apt 105

  • Racine, Wisconsin
  • $489,000 US
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5257 Vicksburg Dr - SOLD

  • Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
  • Price Upon Request.
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6004 Trefoil Cir - SOLD

  • Caledonia, Wisconsin
  • Price Upon Request.
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