• Farm for investment

    Umbria, Italy
  • €5,500,000 EUR


LocationThe property is located at the border with northern Lazio, in the vicinity of the small town of Alviano, halfway between Amelia (23 km) and Orvieto (27 km). The highway A1 (Attigliano toll) is 12 km away and represents a convenient connection to Rome (96 km) and Florence (177 km).

Description of buildings 
The property consists of an amazing farm with 95 hectares of excellent, perfectly level and completely watered land thanks to the nearby Tiber river from which the necessary water for irrigation is drawn. 
The farmable area is easily reachable and totally available. At the edge of the border there is the former manor’s villa (1912 gross sqm) composed of several areas hosting storages and stables in addition to the dwelling on the first floor. 
Around the villa there is a farmhouse of 182 gross sqm with a 347 sqm barn, a 290 gross sqm outbuilding and further barn of 245 sqm.  

The buildings are in very good structural condition, the living area is currently habitable, but the villa, as well as the adjoining farmhouse, need a global restoration in case of running a potential accommodation or reception business.  

Usage and potential
It is quite rare to find large plots of plain and completely watered land in Central Italy. This is the most important characteristic of the property. Its value consists in a potential and whole farming of its 95 hectares of land for the production of cultivations that need plenty of water, such as tobacco plants and vegetables.  The large areas of the villa with its outbuildings allow to combine the farming with an accommodation or receptive business.