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Luxury Smart Home Tech Trends

Luxury Smart Home Tech Trends

Phase2-CinemaRoom1-View0000Smart home technology is becoming a standard amenity for luxury home design. Allowing home owners to control various aspects of their home from a touch screen interface it has become a convenient solution to global warming, security, and more. While smart home technology is pricey it is also both practical and completely worth it!

Smart technology has moved from the office into the home. Corporate spaces, such as the headquarters of Google and Apple have been incorporating these automated technologies into the workspace in order to inspire employees and create creative working wonderlands. Various features of home and office technologies include everything from room-to-room environmental control and smart security systems, to customized cinema installations.


The Private Cinema Company is a UK-based business founded on curating the best technologies available on the market. They take these technologies and create a dream space for clients, making them a leader in the home automation industry. Themed cinemas are one fun option available with home automation technology, the company’s managing director Jeremy Tucker, “vouches that their themed cinemas lend a magical element to the home” (BornRich). They can construct anything from a simple home theater to an extravagant cinema experience depending on the needs of the client.


Intelligent glass installations are another feature offered by Jeremy and his team, along with other smart home technology companies. Smart glass partitions and windows turn into frosted surfaces at the touch of a button they can also be used to watch a movie, or display imagery.

Continued growth and development in the smart home technology industry is presenting new solutions constantly, enhancing home design and possibilities and providing spectacular everyday solutions.