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Underground Luxury

Hidden Pool House, LebanonWhen someone says “underground home” your first thoughts might slip to dark moldy basement suites, or some kind other of windowless dungeon, but what if you could have an underground home that was the exact opposite? These seven underground spaces challenge design possibilities by creating cozy, eco-friendly, bright and stylish rooms that are sure to make you think twice before crossing “underground” off your housing or remodelling wish list.


Villa Vals, Switzerland

A collaboration by SeARCH and CMA, Villa Vals is a vacation home in the alpine slopes of Bals. The front exterior of the home was created from Valser quartzite, which was recovered from the area and is also found in the nearby thermal baths.

The exterior also includes a stone courtyard with natural spring hot tub. The interiors, which are arranged like nesting concrete boxes were designed by the Dutch designer Thomas Eyck, while furniture, textiles, and ceramics were created by the Dutch designers Hella Jongerius and Studio Job.

On the first floor lies the living room, kitchen and bedroom/library. The four bedrooms in the home feature bunk beds, elevated bathrooms and king sized beds on podiums. Throughout the various rooms, “light streams in through modern windows, calling attention to nature and the beautiful views outside” It is also an eco-friendly construction, thermally insulated and using hydroelectric power from a nearby reservoir.

Malator, Wales

The Malator sits over Wales’ St. Bride’s Bay and is also known as the Teletubby House. A two-bedroom residence, it is partially hidden underground with a metal chimney poking out from the grassy roof. It was a commissioned project by politician Bob Marshall-Andrews and his wife, Gill. A magnificent view is paired with bright and bold colors inside such as the yellow cabinetry and shelving in the kitchen!

Bolton Eco House, England

Nicknamed the “house of the future” the Bolton Eco House is found dug into the hillside of Mount Pennine in Northwest England. The grass roofed home totals 8,000 square feet and was designed by Bolton Council and CABE. Inside, there are four bedrooms, and the dark walls contrast with the white ceiling. It is equipped with a heat pump, photovoltaic panels, and a wind turbine, because the home was “designed to consume less energy than it generates” Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a view from indoors out to the beautiful landscape, and the patio features contemporary furnishings and rectangular planters.

Hidden Pool House, Lebanon

Tucked into the side of the grassy lawn, this hidden poolhouse is found in Lebanon. The rock formations that surround the poolhouse shape the project and add character, while blending it with the natural surroundings. Large windows look out to the gorgeous pool and provide excellent natural indoor lighting.

Source: Decoist